Alive energy Let’s DETOX

DetoxAlive energy Let’s DETOX
We love with the simplicity of things in nature and, at the same time, we are amused and eternally curious about the way in which Man through his science strives to explain what Nature created perfectly from the first. And today we are talking about the three-dimensional spatial chirality of the molecules.

Everything in nature vibrates, and vibration is not forward-back but is a rotational movement at the molecular level. Why are we and all that is alive in nature, made up of molecules that vibrate the levogir (to the left), only the Upper knows. It is certain that Life has this unique feature: everything that has life, vibrates levogir (to the left). And everything that is inert and decomposing has dextrogir vibration (to the right).
What vibrates levogir, attracts and accumulates the Energy, and embodies itself. What dextrogir vibrates, gives up its energy and its atoms and breaks down. Did you notice that our solar system is turning to the left? What a happy coincidence!
It is a perfect balance and is part of the eternal yin-yang dance that we encounter everywhere in Nature. Coming back to you. All of your molecules, like a living organism, vibrate the levogir (to the left). And you can not use or assimilate other elements that have the same sense of vibration. Louis Pasteur, the father of microbiology, is the father of this discovery.

For you, as a living organism, to assimilate chicken steak, warm bread or even a cup of tea, every molecule of what you eat must have this lethargic vibration. If it does not, the body will have to consume from its own energy to change the direction of rotation of that food, from dextrogir to levogir.
Why does this microscopic detail matter so much? Simple. If your body, your home, is in a continuous reconstruction and I come to you only with screws that screw up to the right, and you work with each screw, to repair it in the correct thread, you would not grab a bit of anger, do not you bother a little? We always come to the simplest questions when it comes to eating. Do you want to lose energy or abuse energy? And if you want to use energy, what sounds more logical: to consume energy that comes with packed energy or dextrogenic foods that steal your energy not only for digestion but also at the molecular level to change the sense of vibrational rotation?

To give you another good example. Human intestinal flora should be predominantly fermentation specific to a species built for carbohydrate consumption. These fermentative bacteria in our intestine release levoy (pro-life) substances that promote life and internal chemical balance. Instead, through regular consumption of animal products, the fermenting flora turns into a predominant form of putrefaction that has been found to release dextrogir (anti-life) elements.
Small details make big differences. Everything you eat will bring or steal you from the energy.
  • If all that is alive is levogir and brings you energy and all that is inert is dextrogir and steals from your energy, then let’s forget once again what we eat:
  • A apple is levogir, it brings energy.
  • A vegetable salad is levogir, it brings energy.
  • Walnuts and raw seeds are levogir, they bring energy.
  • Nuts and roasted seeds have changed the direction of rotation, they are dextrogir, so they steal energy.
  • Steaks, dietary biscuits, beans and other foods like dextrogir, steal your energy.
  • Water is levogir, it brings you energy.
  • Vegetables and cooked vegetable products are half leukoplasty – half dextrogir.
  • Coffee is dextrogir, it steals energy (no, no, we are not talking about the shock of adrenaline confused with the energy of coffee, that’s from another movie)

    And so on. Some things are intuitive, are not they? That’s why it counts every fruit you eat or drink, every steak, every cake, every dipped nut. Like when you pull a line and gather all the stuff eaten one day, dextrogir levogir, you get out of gain. All you have to do is work on percentages.

    Try to exceed 50% of your daily diet. Little by little it is the lake. Little daily wins lead to great progress over time. The body loves simplicity in eating.
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