The order in which you eat food

DetoxThe order in which you eat food
Mother Nature puts nothing at random.
The same goes for your body, for your internal processes, the order in which things happen, the order in which it is good to eat food. That’s what we’re talking about today: the order in which you eat food.
At a glance, what is your daily schedule? You wake up, perform your morning ritual, eat and go where you have to go. You have a whole day ahead of you and a lot to do. Then comes the evening, when you hope and try to rest, because tomorrow you start again.
Nothing extraordinary so far. Until you look at your body and find out that, in fact, it has also arranged all its internal processes so that it optimally supports everything you do, in the order in which you do it. Because it is your greatest ally. Because all your body wants is for you to be well. In your body, every organ, every function, respects some daily functioning cycles, just like you have your daily schedule. Hours of maximum and minimum activity.
These cycles of daily functioning are called circadian cycles.
But to keep the story at an easy level to understand, we will divide these cycles into 3 big and wide stages: detoxification, nourishment and repair. 24 hours a day, 3 stages of 8 hours each, 3 different items.
The first stage lasts between 4: 00-12: 00 and is the detoxification stage. Coming back by noon, your body maximizes its internal cleansing processes. That’s why you go to the restroom in the morning, that’s why your tongue is heavier in the morning, your urine is heavier, because you throw out more toxins than at any other stage of the day.
If in the morning, until noon, your body is IN THE CLEANING PROCESS, would you like to help it?Would you like to give him everything he needs, water, fruit and especially time, to do his job?
Or are you slowing him down, pouring a pile of mixed things into his stomach, forcing him to let go the cleaning and start the digestion, and then blaming him for not cleaning up properly?
So you start with water so he can wash everything well.
And after the water, you give it fruit. Fruits contain soluble fibers, which acts as sponges in your intestines and washes your inner walls, absorbs toxins, cholesterol (yes, excess cholesterol) and other joys you are eager to get rid of.
Do you know what else the fruits come with? with energy, enzymes, soluble fibres, electric charge,
Fruits are the food most compatible with your body.
Far! It was not in vain that Mother Nature made them so tasty. Don’t ignore this detail.
And you, until noon, if you eat only fruit, you will bring an army of housewives to help the body exactly when it needs more: when it cleans.
If you start the day with a hearty breakfast or any food cooked over a fire, your body is heavy.
The fruit is eaten only on an empty stomach for maximum detoxification efficiency
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